The key 5 elements to be verified when choosing a transport company that provides “Just in Time” delivery


Choosing the right transport company that provides “Just in Time” express delivery is a very responsible task. There is no room here for error and oversight. Choosing the right carrier is on the one hand a success in the form of winning a fight against time, on the other hand, the error in choosing it can be really expensive. Improper selection of the Carrier may cause multimillion losses caused by, for example, stopping the production line. Therefore, rational decision-making and reasoning are in this case the best advisers. Looking only at the cost of the service will often only generate apparent savings.

According to Transporeon Group’s report “Logistics Challenges 2019”: Only every fourth surveyed company (24%) is very good at finding a carrier – it is able to do so within an hour. Every third (31%) needs 4 hours – a similar number of companies (36%) do so in 24 hours.

See what elements you should look for when sourcing a transport company for just in time deliveries at your company to choose the best one:

1. Fleet and its type

This is the basic element that defines the business profile of each transport company. To make sure that a given company is able to react quickly to the order and process it without any problems within the given time, it is necessary to dispel your doubts in the following areas:

2. Experience in just in time deliveries

It is worth checking the actual experience of the carrier. Ask for letters of reference from customers, especially those from your industry. If you operate in the demanding and specific automotive industry, it is worth carefully verifying the current efficiency and timeliness of deliveries. This will increase the chance of choosing the best supplier. The company’s expertise also includes experienced drivers. If you can check how long the driver works in a given company, it will give you more certainty for accurate just in time deliveries with the help of such a company. Because an experienced driver in this industry is real treasure.

3. Way of monitoring the delivery

Find out if the company monitors your delivery. If so, please verify exactly how it is done.

4. Type and scope of cargo insurance

Make sure that your cargo is properly insured in case of problems. Check:

5. Certificates

It is worth asking about the certificates that a transport company has. They are the determinant of the guarantee and confirmation of the high quality of services provided by the transport company. At BOTAM, we hold the ISO 9001-2015 certificate.

Choosing a transport company for dedicated just-in-time deliveries is a complex process that should not be taken lightly. There are many factors to make a good decision, including a guarantee of delivery that you should receive from the Carrier. See for yourself what guarantee for accurate just in time delivery is provided by BOTAM