See the below case study to find out how Express Botam perform express deliveries in the automotive industry

22 May 2019
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The Botam’s fleet is ready to go at any time and is waiting across the EU for express delivery orders. See the below case study how Express Botam organize and perform express deliveries based on the automotive industry.


Express delivery urgently needed

  • Tuesday 14/05/2019 at 16:45

A company X from Hamburg operating in the automotive industry reports to their Y supplier from Stuttgart areathat due to the poor quality of parts from the previous delivery, they should immediately receive another set of such parts. These parts are necessary to prevent the production line from stopping and therefore it is critical to deliver them the next day, that is on Wednesday 15/05/2019 at 6:00am latest. In case the parts are not delivered, the X company will not be able to continue production on Wednesday 8:00am and will have to stop the production line. It means the company will incur huge costs and all orders will be delayed.

The supplier of parts from Stuttgart quickly checks the availability of parts requested by the company X from Hamburg. It turns out that the parts are in stock and can be shipped.


An order for express delivery comes through

  • Tuesday 14/05/2019 at 17:45

At 17:45, the logistics department of the Y supplier receives a confirmation of the urgent need of an express delivery. The goods will be packed on one euro pallet weighing 450 kg and will be ready for loading at 20:00.

A logistics specialist must now work responsibly, but quickly. They are the person responsible for choosing a reliable transport company that will deliver on time. – you can read more on how to meet this expectation and how to choose a transport company that specialize in express deliveries, in a separate article on our blog.

A logistics specialist has to arrange a transport company that will arrive for collection in Stuttgart in less than two hours. It will be less than 10 hours to perform the express delivery from Stuttgart to Hamburg and there is 650 km to cover.

This is where Express Botam steps in, a company that specializes in ‘just in time’ express deliveries. The guarantee of quick order acceptance, pickup of the goods within a maximum of 2 hours, on time delivery at 99.9% rate throughout the European Union – See how we do it


Acceptance of an order for express delivery by the transport company Express Botam

  • Tuesday 14/05/2019 at 18:00

The transport company receives information about the express delivery order. When you cooperate with an experienced transport company Express Botam, you can be sure that no more than 7 minutes is enough for usto respond to your request with a quote including the price and the declared ETA for express delivery.


Picking up the goods from Stuttgart by the Express Botam vehicle

  • Tuesday 14/05/2019 at 20:00

When Express Botam carries out the order, the driver arrives punctually at 20:00 at the company’s Y office in Stuttgart and sets off to Hamburg immediately after loading. At the customer’s request, we provide login data so that the customer can always have an up-to-date view of the vehicle’s position or a phone number to one of our dispatchers who can advise the necessary position of the vehicle at any time.


Express delivery to Hamburg made by Express Botam

  • Wednesday 15/05/2019 at 6:00

The driver arrives punctually at 6:00 for delivery at the X company in Hamburg. Thanks to the innovative equipment available in Botam vehicles such as self-loading Innolift lifts, the offloading process is fast. The necessary parts immediately go to the production line.

Thanks to the quick response, reliability and guarantee of timed delivery at Express Botam, the threat of the production line being stopped have been avoided.