Double-deck Express Botam cars – Discover a way to reduce transportation costs


The transport services market is growing very dynamically. This is due to the constantly increasing competition, as well as the ever-increasing demands on the part of the client.

Like in other sectors of services, the customers also expect a strong customization of services here, which will be adapted not only to the needs of the transported cargo, but also will meet the criterion of cost optimization and shortening the time of its completion.

That’s why, in order to meet the new requirements, transport companies use a variety of solutions that enable increasing the cargo area and meet the high standards for the specificity of transporting various types of products.

One of such solutions is double-deck. Installed in the cargo area in the form of reinforced bars and beams. It allows for a one-off transport of a much larger quantity of cargo and significantly affects the transportation costs.

This innovative solution in vehicles with GVM of up to 3.5 t was first used in Europe by the EXPRESS BOTAM company. It enables increasing the cargo area by as much as 40%. This way, in EXPRESS BOTAM the transport capacity increased from 10 to as many as 14 non-stacked euro pallets with a total weight of max. 1000 kg, while maintaining stability and safety of transportation of such a load.

The use of double-deck EXPRESS BOTAM cars brings with itself a number of indisputable benefits:


From now on, whenever there is a need for express delivery of 14 non-stackable euro pallets, you don’t have to order and pay for two vehicles. In Express BOTAM, we will answer your query in 7 minutes, then within a maximum of two hours we will provide a specialized vehicle, which immediately after loading will go directly to the production line of your contractor.