4 differences between ‘normal’ couriers and door-to-door transport for B2B customers

zalety transportu door to door

There are many solutions available on the market thanks to which companies can transport their products. One of them is a door-to-door road transport system addressed to business customers. By reading this article you will learn: what is the difference between such a delivery and the services provided by conventional courier companies, what are its advantages and when is it profitable to use it.

The key 5 elements to be verified when choosing a transport company that provides “Just in Time” delivery


Choosing the right transport company that provides “Just in Time” express delivery is a very responsible task. There is no room here for error and oversight. Choosing the right carrier is on the one hand a success in the form of winning a fight against time, on the other hand, the error in choosing it can be really expensive. Improper selection of the Carrier may cause multimillion losses caused by, for example, stopping the production line. Therefore, rational decision-making and reasoning are in this case the best advisers. Looking only at the cost of the service will often only generate apparent savings.

According to Transporeon Group’s report “Logistics Challenges 2019”: Only every fourth surveyed company (24%) is very good at finding a carrier – it is able to do so within an hour. Every third (31%) needs 4 hours – a similar number of companies (36%) do so in 24 hours.

See what elements you should look for when sourcing a transport company for just in time deliveries at your company to choose the best one:


See the below case study to find out how Express Botam perform express deliveries in the automotive industry

2019 Botam-95

The Botam’s fleet is ready to go at any time and is waiting across the EU for express delivery orders. See the below case study how Express Botam organize and perform express deliveries based on the automotive industry.


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